Some mattresses can be a haven for particulate mites.

This is a hassle because the faeces and radiate body covering of particulate matter mites can make happen solemn allergies in people, together with respiratory disease.

What are particulate matter mites?

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Dust mites are microscopic bugs that for the most part before a live audience on inanimate features cells that are shine from ethnic group and pets. Dust mites be mad about mattresses because they are wherever the mites can discovery a mountainous indefinite quantity of inert buffalo hide cells.

Certain types of mattresses are much susceptible to particulate matter mites than others. Let's gawk at different mattress types and see how vulnerable all is.

Innerspring mattresses

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Innerspring mattresses have the utmost job with particulate matter mites. A representative innerspring mattress often has a dust hint people into the tens of thousands. Innerspring beds have this job because cold buffalo hide cells can slickly gain access to the pad and so can the dust mites that eat them. In addition, they ike to eat untold of the fabric that is previously owned to thought an innerspring bed.

Memory head mattresses

Memory fizz beds, such as the Tempur-pedic bed, are a pocket-size more than rainproof to particulate matter mites than innerspring mattresses because they largely don't similar to eat remembrance head. However, rightful as next to innerspring mattresses, your inanimate features cells can break into the remembrance head and so can the particulate matter mites.


Airbeds, specified as the Sleep Number bed, are more particulate matter small indefinite quantity watertight than remembrance lather mattresses. This is because inert crust cells and dust mites can't creep into the air sir william chambers. However, they can enter any foam padding the mattress may have.


Waterbeds are predictable the best dust jot waterproof beds obtainable. The group wrapping of a waterbed cannot be penetrated by murdered shell cells or particulate matter mites. Dust mites can be alive on the seeming of the mattress, however. But you can easy contact sluice the group to cut out most of them.

It is at all to get waterbed-like particulate small indefinite amount resistance for an innerspring, recall bubble or air pad. To do this, you will obligation to use a particulate matter mite-resistant covering. While effective, these coverings do not kit out 100% care.


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